What is Adapted Mind?

Adapted Mind Math offers exercises and programs to help students improve their aptitude with mathematical concepts. Because math is such a versatile subject, there is often more than one way to approach a problem and Adapted Mind Math helps students find the way that works for them. 

The Adapted Mind platform was invented by individuals with degrees from the top schools in the nation (Standford, Berkeley, Harvard) as a way to help children improve the way they learn. Through game theory and other innovative techniques, the team at Adapted Mind is working to revolutionize online education by pushing the bleeding edge of learning technology and online instruction.

One of the ways Adapted Mind does this is through algorithmically based content tailored to each specific child’s needs. Because no two children learn exactly the same way, it’s important for a child to have a learning experience that is adapted just for them. The Adapted Mind platform changes based on your child’s learning, meeting them exactly where they are. By doing this, the platform guarantees a learning experience that will increase a child's learning performance.

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